When evaluating an investment opportunity, we look for businesses whose management team can meet the challenges of launching a high-growth company that will create a significant market opportunity with the potential to build an international market-leading enterprise.
We invest in businesses that:
  • are in the IT sector - the product or service must operate in a market niche so they will have developed a product or service that is a 'must have' for its customers rather than a 'nice to have';
  • are in the early phases of their development cycle - the business must have made a sale on sound commercial terms to a 'reference' site. This will demonstrate that the business has taken a good idea to a genuine commercial customer that was prepared to pay for that product or service;
  • have a team of creative entrepreneurial ambitious people – the team does not need to be complete, but it must contain some 'spark' and have the potential to develop to be an excellent management team;
  • require up-to £500k of new capital, or more if a syndicated investment
  • are run from the U.K.